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Filling out a form is a pain and you know it, so do we. That’s why we love Designmodo’s article “The Ultimate UX Design of: the Credit Card Payment Form”. In a typical checkout you’re risking a sudden loss of your client at every small step the user takes. That’s awful and if you check your analytics the numbers are likely to back up the statement. Ouch.

Therefore minimising the feeling of risk and avoiding confusion – that’s what you’re aiming at when designing a credit card form. That should be your ultimate UX Design task.

So do the job for the users, make it super easy and if possible, just use the camera with a touch of AI that can easily recognise numbers 🙂 Yes PayPal, Apple, Google and tons of others are already making it a lot better, but the majority of people are still using various payment methods and many of the methods are still running on thin ice.

How are you ranking in that area?

Brought to you by:

  • Franz – UI Animation
  • Lauri – UX/UI Design
  • Team UXD – Brainstorming

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